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If you had to say what you were passionate about, could you narrow it down to just one thing?

It’s a difficult question because we are all so multi-faceted and we are capable and passionate about many things.

  • Are you in a position to pursue your passions?

  • Do you have work/life balance so all your boxes are checked?

I have an online business with a company that I adore sharing products that I personally love and that have been life changing for me. I’m proud to be a part of this company because it is integral, ethical and crazy innovative.


My clients are amazingly supportive and trusting. My business partners are bold, creative and consistently blow my mind at their commitment to push beyond their boundaries. They consider different perspectives so that they can create a life and lifestyle that supports dreams.

My other passions, the ones that make me do what I do EVERY DAY, are my family- my spouse, our 3 amazing children, our new home, and our 2 dogs. I am able to support our elderly parents, attend yoga practice, golf in the summer and curl in the winter and I have the most amazing circle of friends a girl could want!!!

I am able to realize all of my passions because of my business and the support it provides. I believe I have found a “golden ticket” for people that see “more” for their lives. Whether it’s financial freedom to pay the mortgage or buy the Loubouton’s or it’s time freedom to pursue/nuture their personal passions, the possibilities are infinite. If you’re looking to retire from your 9-5 or you want to start a family and be home with the bambino’s then let’s chat.

What is it that you see when you look in the mirror? Someone who is killing it or someone who is looking for more? Let me help you realize the person you know you are inside - this is what I do…it’s who I am….I have lived my life accepting the challenges thrown at me (and there’s been many!) and I can help you navigate through yours.

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